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Nail gels are regarded as chemical products. Therefore, for hygiene purposes and the benefit of our customers, they cannot be refunded.

Furthermore, any sealed product which has been opened or unsealed cannot be refunded unless faulty or broken.

For more information on our returns policy, please visit our returns page.

Nail gels are regarded as chemicals, therefore, by law we are required to meet the minimum packaging standard as to avoid any damage or spillage of the nail gel during transport.

We at ORA London® do take all necessary precautions to abide and exceed the law on minimum packaging requirements. Our packages are difficult to break and are supported by foam or cushions on the inside.

However, in a rare case that the bottle did arrived broken or cracked, don’t worry, get in touch with our customer support team by visiting our contact page and rest assured that we will do our best to help.

All confirmed faulty / damaged items will then be replaced or refunded.

If you think an item is faulty, please visit our contact page to get in touch with our customer support team and rest assured that we will do our best to help.

Note: Please get in touch with us before returning the item. We may require you to send pictures for proof. Therefore, please do not throw away any faulty or broken items before contacting us.

Any faulty goods must be reported within 7 days of delivery.

All confirmed faulty / damaged items will then be replaced or refunded.

While on the outside the bottle may look similar to traditional nail polishes, ORA London®’s nail gel is totally different from ordinary nail polishes that can fade, peel or chip quickly in the following ways:

• ORA gels use special LED Lamp to cure. This means that within few seconds you’ll have a set of fully dried, high gloss, chip proof nails that will last for up to two weeks.• You don’t have to wait around for them to dry and you don’t have to go easy on them to avoid chipping. Our special gel formula means that you can do all your heavy lifting daily routines straight after you apply and for long after that and still end up with perfect salon quality nail gels!

No, at ORA London® we are highly cautious that our products are cruelty free that neither are tested on animals nor do they contain animal products.

It is very rare that people will encounter an allergic reaction when using nail gel polish. However, for precaution, we advise to avoid direct skin contact with wet or uncured gel. We recommend following our instructions clearly and to always use ORA London®’s LED lamp in order to properly cure your gels and reduce any allergic possibilities.

If you do notice any signs of an allergy, stop using the product and consult your doctor immediately.

ORA London®’s Colour Gels are mixable!

Because the nail gels will not dry until you cure them under an LED lamp, that gives you sufficient time to get creative and mix your own colors.

Use a piece of foil to mix it on. Apply few drops of each shade you would like to use on top of the foil and mix together. When you are happy with the colour, then apply directly to your nails on top of the base coat and cure.

Why not try and get a marble effect by apply different colors and the swirl together but not fully mix them.

Both LED and UV Lamps are used as a way to cure nail gels. UV lamps were the earlier ones used. LED Lamps are now regarded as more advanced and more efficient than UV lamps.

LED nail lamps cure Gels in seconds (around 30-40 Sec) while UV lamps will need minutes (around 1-2 Min). LED nail lamps do not generate heat or emit UVAs or UVBs. Plus, unlike UV lamps, for the LED lamps you do not need to replace the bulbs.

With that being said, there are few gels in the market that will only cure under the UV lamps and will not cure with the LED lamp. But don’t worry, our ORA London®’s ARC1 LED/UV lamp uses the latest innovation in technology where it utilizes all the benefit of a normal LED lamp and in addition to that, it emits invisible UV light to cure UV gels. Like the LED, the UV light emitted by the ARC1 do not generate heat or emit UVAs or UVBs. Basically, all the benefits in one.

The ORA London®’s ARC1 LED/UV lamp do not harm your eyes. However, similar to looking directly at the sun will harm your eyes in the long run, you should never look directly into any light as they could also damage your eyes.

Yes. Shaking the bottle before use will help to thin the viscosity of the nail gel. This will then make it easier to apply and help spread the gel evenly.

Practice makes perfect. The more you’ll use and apply the nail gel the smoother and easier it becomes.

A positive point about the nail gel is that it does not dry like normal, so you can take as much time as you need to perfectly apply the gel before you use the LED lamp to cure.

Top tips to get you started:

- Remove extra gel from the brush by circling and lightly pressing the brush on the inside the neck of the bottle.- Apply the ORA London®’s Base coat, Colour gel and Top coat in thin even layers.- Make sure to completely cover the nail and do miss any spot.- Finally, cap the end of the nail by running the brush horizontally along the tip. This will help prevent chipping.- After applying the gel, wait few seconds for it to even out perfectly, then put your hand under the LED lamp.

Be careful not to get any gel on your skin or cuticle. If it does get on your skin, be sure to wipe it off BEFORE putting your hands under the lamp.

Depending on your preference and the colour shade being used you can adjust the number of layers.

For a lighter and more natural look or for colours that are already dark, one layer might be sufficient.

For most colour shades, we recommend that you apply 2 layers of colour gel to get the best results.

Some people prefer applying 3 layers for lighter shades or to get more intense finish.

Tip: Try layering one colour over another for a more unique finish.

For example, do one coat of Vanilla Bean white colour and then follow by another colour on top of it. This will make the colour pop. Or maybe finish off the colour by layering some Twinkle glitter gel on top?

Whatever you do, you can never go wrong. That’s the joy of it.

No, sunlight emit UV light that will cause nail gels to cure and set. That is why it is only recommended to use nail gels indoors and even away from any open windows.

Gels are tough and can stay for a long time. However, done right, they are very easy to remove and will not harm your skin or nails.

Please follow the steps below:

• Buff it: Buff the top layer of the gel off the surface of your nails. Also file the tips of your nails to break the seal that was originally done to cap the nail gel and prevent it from chipping.• Wrap it: Using aluminium foil and a cotton ball, simply soak the cotton ball in acetone, place it on top of your nail and then wrap the entire finger tight with the aluminium foil. Repeat the process for all your fingers. Leave for 15-20 minutes.• Scrape it: The gel should now peel right off your nails. Gently scrape off any remaining gels.


While fingers are wrapped in aluminium foil and cotton ball, try keeping your hands warm as heat will help to remove the gels better. Try wearing rubber gloves, oven gloves or wrapping your hands in a towel. This can speed up the removal process.

Make sure you fully buff the top shiny top layer before you soak your nails. If you don’t break the top seal then the acetone will not be able to penetrate and dissolve the gel.

Sometimes, if there is slightly thicker layer of Nail Gel on your nails, it will take longer to soak off. If any gel remains on your nail and feel very stuck, then try to wrap & soak again for a further 5 minutes.

No. The only way you could damage your nails is if you file/buff them too hard, either before you apply the Gel Polish, or when you’re removing it.

Yes. Soaking your nails in acetone in moderation is perfectly safe. Acetone can’t be absorbed into your system. Acetone may slightly dry your fingers, therefore, to avoid this, you can try applying petroleum jelly to your skin, fingertips and cuticles before you soak them.

Nail gels are light sensitive. If they are left near LED light or close to a window and under natural sunlight, it may dry inside the bottle over time. ORA London® Nail gel bottles are shielded in order to help reduce the risk of setting if it comes into contact with a light source. However, light may still entre through the colour hole on the bottle, therefore, try to store in a dark dry place.

Also, DO NOT put ORA London® nail gels in the fridge. Unlike normal polishes, nail gels will in time freeze.

If applied correctly using our guide on how to apply your nail gels, your nail gel will not peel off.

To get better results:

• Try to remove any dust on you nail before you apply the Nail Gel.

• Do not use hand cream before your manicure.

• Avoid prolonged periods in hot water for few minutes immediately after completing a manicure.

ORA London® Nail Gels are specially formulated to last chip free for at least two weeks. Follow our instructions on how to apply and don’t forget to cap the tip of your nail to fully seal the gel.

The ORA London® Shine Top Coat should set with a high shine effect. If it doesn’t, it may mean that it did not cure perfectly under the LED Lamp. Try leaving your fingers a little longer under the lamp. Also, make sure the surface of the LED lights inside the lamp are clean. Try cleaning them with a slightly damp cloth.

If your gel brush hardens, try soaking it in acetone. This will remove any dried gel.

Due to package printing colour limitations and electronic devices will defer depending on the colour resolution settings, therefore, showcasing the exact colour of the gel on our website online or on our packages is very difficult.

We make every effort possible to ensure that all our colour display is as accurate as possible.

Try checking out our social media pages for fan photos. It’ll be great seeing the colour on their hands.

Light cured the gel and light could affect the gel. If you spend a lot of time under the sun, in rare cases, it will very slightly fade the colour of your gel. This will mostly be visible on bright colours such as bright orange.

A substance that may cause your nail gels to fade even quicker is DEET. This is usually found in sun cream, after-sun cream and insect repellents. If you do use any of these products, try to avoid them going on your nails and make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after.

Another item that may cause the gels to slightly change colour are Sun & After-Sun Cream and insect repellents spray or cream.

Another culprit is DEET. This is found in many sun creams, after sun products and insect repellents. Avoid products containing this or make sure you wash your hands and nails very thoroughly after. DEET fades polish quicker than sun and can give a very patchy effect.

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